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Samples combo

  • £30.00

Grab yourself our biggest samples combo yet!
Get the following 20 samples of bukhoors, ouds and frankincense to try on their own or to mix with each other:
Sultan Salalah 5g
Ashwaq 5g
Qatarah 5g
Dhahabi 5g
Sandal 5g
Najoom al-Arab 5g
Al Cambodi 5g
Musk al-Ghazal 5g
Shay Oud 5g
Oud Musk 5g
Oud (with white powder) 5g
Amwaj 5g
Danat al-Danyaa 5g
Wasaal 5g
Houb 5g
Wafaa at-Tayyib 5g
Risoot 5g
Oud 5g
Abeer 5g
Omani frankincense 10g
There is only one of these combos available now. It's a great way to try out most of what binkle has to offer:)